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Past Experience

I gained a particularly large amount of past experience through objective thinking and the ability to become proficient without the benefit of training or pre-existing knowledge. The following is a list of some of my noteworthy experience.

But don't be discouraged if none of this relates to what you're looking for... I've worked with or "taught myself" far more things than are or could be listed. I'm likely to teach myself whatever field your problem might lie in.

If something here matches some of your needs... Great! It's a big time-saver if I already have specialized experience in that field.

But if you're interested in something more original, obscure, or even cutting-edge than listed below, then perhaps it'll become the next new field or application to be listed below!

  • Software
    • Stand-Alone Embedded Firmware
      • Extremely high-performance optimized machine/assembly code
        • Can write machine/assembly which with very significant performance increases, even when compared to what one might otherwise consider to "optimized assembler code."
        • Authored complete working stand-alone code, which ran independent of ANY pre-existing software or operating system.
        • Real-time programming
        • Created many devices based on very inexpensive 8-bit microcontrollers
        • Worked with hardware engineers to debug/modify and/or redesign target boards
        • Designed and fully implimented original complete networking protocols for stand-alone devices used to fully impliment a distributed multitasking multidrop packet-switched network
        • Created voice-based interface for an original standalone telephony device which successfully provided the original offering of telephone services for a telephony company which is now one of world's largest telephony companies.
    • Internet/Web
      • Web hosting, including:
        • Scripting all account setup, administration and stats
        • Web/cgi based administrative billing software
        • Wrote custom scripting languages(including LL)
      • Web design and programming
        • Wrote and conceived original websites
        • Wrote special "click-to-modify" websites based on LL databases for:
          • Custom Customer needs
          • Published content written and maintained in-house
          • In house databases to manage projects, idea and priorities
          • Our own billing system
        • Created original artwork and animations rendered from original 3D models
        • Retouching, modification, animation and optimatizion of images based on photographic sources and original 2D artwork
        • Worked out specifications with clients and put together and coordinated small web-design teams
        • Created a live functioning "paypal-like" online-member payment system based on customer specifications and customer-submitted artwork
      • Wrote "robots" or "crawlers" to obtain data from third-party websites and other sources, including
        • Custom databases to locate and evaluate available premium domain names for both our own use and speculative resale.
        • Interfacing to live online banking services in order to create a "paypal-like" online-member payment system
      • Developed a custom "top-level" IP-based routers for special applications
    • Write original user interfaces and interface-elements, both textual and graphics, and to maximize user efficiency.
    • Rewrote and reconceptulatizing the user interface to reposition/market a standalone electronic devices product.
    • tcsh scripting including special utilities, programming styles and bug work-arounds to extend the usability of the language
    • vim scripting/hacking including custom syntax highlighing, live updates, and even advanced scripts to provide accounting and spread-sheet-like general-purpose and application-specific functionality.
  • Designing and Inventing
    • Designed/invented specialize furniture to make use of tight spaces such as lofts with high ceilings on the interior of mobile homes and vans
    • Designed corporate culture based on the needs of employees with documented and undocumented special disabilities such as ADD, NLD, OCPD, and Asperger's Syndrome. This included distributing different tasks and having very different expectations of each individual, based on special abilities and short-comings.
    • Designing and building with a Dremel® tool.
    • Inventing new ways to influence people by annoying
      * - I used just "reference manuals" for specific computer languages/code.
          To start doing CGI, I admittedly ended up skimming through hundreds 
          of pages of guides, but only because that's how long it took me to 
          figure out what I needed, which could have been written in roughly 
          one-half-page of reference information. 
      them. (Useful applications are limited, but no group
      is too big or too small.